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MultiversX SDK for Python

This SDK consists of a CLI tool, namely mxpy, and Python helpers and utilities for interacting with the Blockchain (in general) and with Smart Contracts (in particular).

mxpy: the CLI tool

mxpy (the CLI tool) can be found here: mx-sdk-py-cli. It targets a broad audience of users and developers, as depicted below:

Compile Smart Contracts (Rust, C, C++) to WASMSmart Contract developers
Deploy, execute (call), query Smart ContractsSmart Contract developers, application developers, tech enthusiasts
Run scenarios (JSON tests) against Smart ContractsSmart Contract developers
Sign & send System Smart Contract transactionsValidator owners
Sign & send regular transactionsApplication developers, tech enthusiasts
Query Network status, transactions status / detailsApplication developers, tech enthusiasts
Query account detailsApplication developers, tech enthusiasts
Generate PEM files, recover private key from mnemonicTech enthusiasts
Miscellaneous support features (e.g. bech32 conversion)Tech enthusiasts

sdk-py: the Python libraries

PackageSource codeDescription
multiversx-sdk-coremx-sdk-py-coreBasic components for interacting with the blockchain and with smart contracts.
multiversx-sdk-walletmx-sdk-py-walletCore wallet components (generation, signing).
multiversx-sdk-network-providersmx-sdk-py-network-providersNetwork providers (API, Gateway).