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MultiversX NestJS Microservice Utilities

sdk-nestjs contains a set of utilities commonly used in the MultiversX microservices ecosystem.

PackageSource codeDescription
sdk-nestjsGithubA set of utilities commonly used in the MultiversX Microservice ecosystem.

When developing microservices, we recommend starting from the microservice-template as it integrates off-the-shelf features like: public & private endpoints, cache warmer, transactions processor, queue worker

Source codeDescription
microservice-templateREST API facade template for microservices that interact with the MultiversX blockchain.


The following table contains the NPM packages that are included inside the NestJS SDK:

PackageNPMDescription + additional docs
sdk-nestjs-common@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-commonCommon functionalities to be used in MultiversX microsevices.
sdk-nestjs-auth@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-authNative Auth functionalities to be used for securily handle sessions.
sdk-nestjs-http@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-httpHTTP requests handling utilities
sdk-nestjs-monitoring@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-monitoringMicroservices monitoring helpers.
sdk-nestjs-elastic@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-elasticElasticsearch interactions helpers.
sdk-nestjs-redis@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-redisRedis interactions helpers.
sdk-nestjs-rabbitmq@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-rabbitmqRabbitMQ interactions helpers.
sdk-nestjs-cache@multiversx/sdk-nestjs-cacheCommon cache operations utilites. docs