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MultiversX SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript

This SDK consists of TypeScript / JavaScript helpers and utilities for interacting with the Blockchain (in general) and with Smart Contracts (in particular).


Base libraries:

PackageSource codeDescription
sdk-coreGithubBasic components for interacting with the blockchain and with smart contracts.
sdk-walletGithubCore wallet components (generation, signing).
sdk-contract-wrappersGithubSmart Contract wrappers, based on sdk-js. NodeJS repl-friendly.
sdk-network-providersGithubNetwork Provider (API, Gateway) components (compatible with sdk-js).
sdk-exchangeGithubUtilities modules for xExchange interactions.

Signing providers for dApps:

PackageSource codeDescription
sdk-dappGithubA library that holds the core functional & signing logic of a dapp on the MultiversX Network.
sdk-hw-providerGithubSign using the hardware wallet (Ledger).
sdk-web-wallet-providerGithubSign using the MultiversX web wallet.
sdk-wallet-connect-providerGithubSign using Wallet Connect.
sdk-extension-providerGithubSign using the MultiversX DeFi Wallet (browser extension).

For all purposes, we recommend using sdk-dapp instead of integrating the signing providers on your own.

For more details about integrating a signing provider into your dApp, please follow this guide or the mx-sdk-js-examples repository.

Additional utility packages:

PackageSource codeDescription
transaction-decoderGithubDecodes transaction metadata from a given transaction.