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Extending sdk-js

This tutorial will guide you through the process of extending and tailoring certain modules from sdk-js.

Extending the Network Providers

The default classes from @multiversx/sdk-network-providers should only be used as a starting point. As your dApp matures, make sure you switch to using your own network provider, tailored to your requirements (whether deriving from the default ones or writing a new one, from scratch) that directly interacts with the MultiversX API (or Gateway).

Performing HTTP requests from scratch

One can broadcast transactions and GET resources from the MultiversX API (or Gateway) by performing simple HTTP requests using the axios utility. Below are a few examples:

Broadcasting a transaction:

import axios, { AxiosResponse } from "axios";

let tx = new Transaction({ /* provide the fields */ });
// ... sign the transaction using a dApp / signing provider
let data = tx.toSendable();
let url = "";
let response: AxiosResponse = await, data, {
headers: {
"Content-Type": "application/json",
let txHash =;

Fetching a transaction:

let url = `${txHash}`;
let response = await axios.get(url);
let transactionOnNetwork = TransactionOnNetwork.fromApiHttpResponse(txHash,;

Querying a smart contract (with parsing the results):

let query = contract.createQuery({
func: new ContractFunction("foobar"),
args: [new AddressValue(addressOfAlice)],
caller: new Address("erd1...")

let url = "";
let data = {
scAddress: query.address.bech32(),
caller: query.caller?.bech32() ? query.caller.bech32() : undefined,
funcName: query.func.toString(),
value: query.value ? query.value.toString() : undefined,
args: query.getEncodedArguments()

let response: AxiosResponse = await, data, {
headers: {
"Content-Type": "application/json",

let queryResponse = {
getReturnDataParts: () => => Buffer.from(item || "", "base64"));

let endpointDefinition = contract.getEndpoint("foobar");
let { firstValue, secondValue, returnCode } = resultsParser.parseQueryResponse(queryResponse, endpointDefinition);

Extending a default Network Provider

You can also derive from the default network providers (ApiNetworkProvider and ProxyNetworkProvider) and overwrite / add additional methods, making use of doGetGeneric() and doPostGeneric().

export class MyTailoredNetworkProvider extends ApiNetworkProvider {
async getEconomics(): Promise<{totalSupply: number, marketCap: number}> {
let response = await this.doGetGeneric("economics");
return { totalSupply: response.totalSupply, marketCap: response.marketCap }

// ... other methods

Customizing the transaction awaiting

If, for some reason, the default transaction completion detection algorithm provided by sdk-js does not satisfy your requirements, you may want to use a different strategy for transaction awaiting, such as:

await transactionWatcher.awaitAllEvents(transaction, ["mySpecialEventFoo", "mySpecialEventBar"]);
await transactionWatcher.awaitAnyEvents(transaction, ["mySpecialEventFoo", "mySpecialEventBar"]);

Extending the contract results parser

If, for some reason (e.g. a bug), the default ResultsParser provided by sdk-js does not satisfy your requirements, you may want to extend it and override the method createBundleWithCustomHeuristics():

export class MyTailoredResultsParser extends ResultsParser {
protected createBundleWithCustomHeuristics(transaction: ITransactionOnNetwork, transactionMetadata: TransactionMetadata): UntypedOutcomeBundle | null {
let returnMessage: string = "<< extract the message from the input transaction object >>";
let values: Buffer[] = [
Buffer.from("<< extract 1st result from the input transaction object >>"),
Buffer.from("<< extract 2nd result from the input transaction object >>"),
Buffer.from("<< extract 3rd result from the input transaction object >>"),
// ...

return {
returnCode: ReturnCode.Ok,
returnMessage: returnMessage,
values: values

When the default ResultsParser misbehaves, please open an issue on GitHub, and also provide as much details as possible about the unparsable results (e.g. provide a dump of the transaction object if possible - make sure to remove any sensitive information).