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WalletConnect 2.0 Migration

Using sdk-dapp

Using @multiversx/sdk-dapp >= 2.2.8 or @elrondnetwork/dapp-core >= 2.0.0

WalletConnect 2.0 is already integrated, only not enabled by default.

Follow these steps to generate and add a walletConnectV2ProjectId

Using sdk-wallet-connect-provider

Using @multiversx/sdk-wallet-connect-provider >= 3.0.1 or @elrondnetwork/erdjs-wallet-connect-provider

Since the WalletConnect 2.0 implementation was complimentary to the existing 1.0 version, there should be no breaking changes to upgrade the library

Check out some detailed examples here.

To Set up the 2.0 functionality you can check out the examples here: or a more advanced implementation on sdk-dapp here:

The main difference between V1 and V2 is in the login method where we now have to first connect() to get the uri and the approval Promise

await provider.init();
const { uri, approval } = await provider.connect();

await openModal(uri);

try {
await provider.login({ approval, token }); // optional token
} catch (err) {
alert('Connection Proposal Refused')

Another difference is in the callbacks where on WalletConnect 2.0 we have a third one for events:

const callbacks = {
onClientLogin: async function () {
// closeModal() is defined above
const address = await provider.getAddress();
console.log("Address:", address);
onClientLogout: async function () {
onClientEvent: async function (event) {
console.log("onClientEvent()", event);

signTransaction, signTransactions, logout, etc remain the same for the library user since the action happens in the provider directly.