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Wallet Keys

This page describes the wallet keys, that are used for staking and managing nodes.

Wallet keys description

As a Validator you use the Wallet Keys to access the address from which you send the staking transaction. Your EGLD holdings leave this address and are deposited into a staking smart contract. Rewards are sent to this address. You can change it later on by using a changeRewards transaction.

This wallet is the only one that can be used to send an un-stake transaction, meaning to recover your 2500 EGLD from the staking smart contract.

A Wallet Ket can be created via multiple ways that are described on the Wallets section.

The wallets use the bip44 standard with the mention that because MultiversX uses Ed25519 only hardened paths are used. Our coin_type is 508, making the path for the first address:m/44'/508'/0'/0'/0’