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This page contains frequently asked questions about validators and nodes.


How to choose a VPS?

Get started with a few popular VPS choices:

Find more via a comparison calculator -

Recommendations from experienced validators:


Consider the price of cheap services that offer same specs as other providers at half of the price, when running a validator - the protocol dynamically phases out low performance nodes, which will lead to fewer returns for operators.

What if I have Windows?

Use a virtualization service to deploy a virtual Linux server on your Windows machine. This setup is recommended for testing purposes only. Try this tutorial, for example:

General note

There are hundreds of people actively engaging with MultiversX infrastructure. Engage with them over our official Telegram channel, and you will get your questions answered. Weigh in favor of people with “admin” in their name. Disregard any direct messages offering private support - those are most likely scam attempts.