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This page describes the structure of the tokens index (Elasticsearch), and also depicts a few examples of how to query it.


The _id field of this index is represented by token identifier of an ESDT token.


nameThe name field holds the name of the token. It contains alphanumeric characters only.
tickerThe ticker field represents the token's ticker (uppercase alphanumeric characters).
tokenThe token field is composed of the ticker field and a random sequence generated when the token is created(e.g. ABCD-012345).
issuerThe issuer field holds the bech32 encoded address of the token's issuer.
currentOwnerThe currentOwner field holds the address in a bech32 format of the current owner of the token.
typeThe type field holds the type of the token. It can be FungibleESDT, NonFungibleESDT, SemiFungibleESDT, or MetaESDT.
timestampThe timestamp field represents the timestamp of the block in which the token was created.
ownersHistoryThe ownersHistory field holds a list of all the owners of a token.
pausedThe paused field is true if the token is paused.

Query examples

Fetch details of a token

curl --request GET \
--url ${ES_URL}/tokens/_search \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
"query": {
"match": {