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In Visual Studio Code, you use a container as a full-featured development environment. As of September 2023, one MultiversX devcontainer is available:


The devcontainers for MultiversX are maintained in mx-template-devcontainers.

Before setting up a MultiversX devcontainer, make sure to follow these tutorials:

Once you're accustomed to the concept, follow the steps below to set up a MultiversX devcontainer:

  • In Visual Studio Code, open the Command Palette (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + P) and select Dev Containers: New Dev Container;
  • When prompted, select MultiversX: Smart Contracts Development (Rust), or any other devcontainer you want to use;
  • When prompted, select Trust @multiversx;
  • Enter a name for your devcontainer.

Once the development environment is ready, do a quick exploration exercise. For example, run the following commands in the terminal (within Visual Studio Code):

mxpy --version
sc-meta --version

Using the Docker images without VSCode

If you'd like to use the development Docker image(s) without VSCode's devcontainers feature, this is entirely possible. For example, let's try the following (in any terminal):

docker run --rm -it multiversx/devcontainer-smart-contracts-rust:latest mxpy --version
docker run --rm -it multiversx/devcontainer-smart-contracts-rust:latest sc-meta --version

For a set of real-world examples, please follow this.