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Snapshotless Observing Squad

This page describes the Snapshotless Observing Squad, a type of Observing Squad optimized for real-time requests such as accounts data fetching and vm-query operations. More details related to exposed endpoints are available here.


Whenever a node is executing the trie snapshotting process, the accounts data fetching & vm-query operations can be greatly affected. This is caused by the fact that the snapshotting operation has a high CPU and disk I/O utilization. The nodes started with the flag --operation-mode snapshotless-observer will not create trie snapshots on every epoch and will also prune the trie storage in order to save space.


Creating a Snapshotless Observing Squad from scratch

If you choose to install a snapshotless observing squad from scratch, you should follow the instruction from the observing squad section and remember to add in the variables.cfg file the operation mode in the node's extra flags definition:

NODE_EXTRA_FLAGS="-log-save -operation-mode snapshotless-observer"

After that, you can resume the normal Observing Squad installation steps.

Converting a normal Observing Squad to a Snapshotless Observing Squad

If you already have an Observing Squad, and you want to transform it into a Snapshotless Observing Squad, the easiest way is to manually edit the service file /etc/systemd/system/elrond-node-x.service (with sudo) and append the -operation-mode snapshotless-observer flag at the end of the ExecStart= line. In the end, the file should look like:

Description=MultiversX Node-0

ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/elrond-nodes/node-0/node -use-log-view -log-logger-name -log-correlation -log-level *:DEBUG -rest-api-interface :8080 -log-save -profile-mode -operation-mode snapshotless-observer


Save the file, and force a reload units with the command

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

After units reload, you can restart the nodes.


Even if the nodes are synced, after changing the operation mode, they will start to re-sync their state in "snapshotless" format. The nodes should be temporarily started with the extra node flag --force-start-from-network that will force the node to start from network. Let the node sync completely and then remove this extra flag and restart the node. Failure to do so will make the node error with a message like consensusComponentsFactory create failed: epoch nodes configuration does not exist epoch=0.

One click deploy in AWS

AWS instances for Snapshotless Observing Squads can be easily deployed via our Amazon Machine Image available in the AWS Marketplace.