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MultiversX Smart Contracts API limits

MultiversX Smart Contracts API limits

Starting with the Polaris release (February 2023), we have added blockchain data call limits for Smart Contracts. This means that in a single transaction, a Smart Contract cannot perform more than a protocol-level configured number of transfers, trie reads, or built-in function calls.

This approach comes as a better alternative than increasing the gas costs of those operations since the limits are still very high, so most probably only the most expensive contracts' functions will suffer from these limitations.

These limits are set in the gas schedule files in the MaxPerTransaction section. For example, this gas schedule file has the following limits:

MaxBuiltInCallsPerTx = 100
MaxNumberOfTransfersPerTx = 250
MaxNumberOfTrieReadsPerTx = 1500

which translates to:

  • each transaction can make a maximum 100 built-in functions calls, such as "get last nonce", "get last randomness", "ESDT unpause", "ESDT NFT create" and so on;
  • each transaction can create maximum 250 transfers (as in produced smart contract results). For example, a call to "ESDT NFT transfer" will create 1 smart contract results and a call to "multi ESDT NFT transfer" will consume the number of transfers defined in the function call;
  • each transaction can access its data trie for a maximum 1500 get operations (can read a maximum 1500 values stored in the contract).

These limits are subject to change, a new release can activate a new gas schedule at a defined epoch.