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MultiversX uses some constants, which are specific to each chain (Mainnet, Testnet or Devnet). The updated values can be found at these sources:





Each transaction requires a chainID field that represents the network's identifier. It adds protection so that transactions cannot be replayed from a network to another. The values are:

  • Mainnet: 1
  • Testnet: T
  • Devnet: D :::

At the time of writing, the most used constants values for mainnet were:

  • Round duration: 6 seconds
  • Epoch duration: 14400 rounds, 24 hours
  • Min gas price: 1000000000
  • Min gas limit: 50000
  • Chain ID: 1 (T for Testnet, D for Devnet)
  • Min deposit for the creation of a system delegation smart contract: 1250 EGLD
  • Min deposit for a validator: 2500 EGLD
  • Number of eligible validators per shard: 400 validators
  • Number of eligible validators per metachain: 400 validators
  • Max number of active (eligible + waiting) validators: 3200 validators
  • Consensus group size on shard: 63 validators
  • Consensus group size on metachain: 400 validators
  • Min deposit for staking provider: 1 EGLD
  • Min deposit for legacy delegation: 10 EGLD
  • Unbonding duration for legacy delegation: 144000 blocks
  • Unbonding duration for staking providers: 10 epochs
  • EGLD denomination: 18