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Multiple chains

An ESDT token can be bridged between multiple chains by using the BridgedTokensWrapper contract.

Support for Multiple Chains for the same token

The BridgedTokensWrapper (6) contract facilitates the use case of having the same token on multiple chains. It accepts the chain-specific ESDT token and mints a universal ESDT token that can be used on any application within the MultiversX network. The universal ESDT token can be converted back to the chain-specific ESDT token using the BridgedTokensWrapper (6) contract. This process burns the given universal tokens and sends the chain-specific ESDT tokens to the user.

Internally, the Ad-Astra Bridge system uses the BridgedTokensWrapper (6) contract to wrap the chain-specific tokens minted by the MultiTransfer (5) contract from multiple chains into a single ESDT token and sends it to the user.

When a user wants to transfer the tokens back to the source network, they must send the universal ESDT token to the BridgedTokensWrapper (6) contract, and the chain-specific ESDT token will be sent to the user. After this step, the user can send the chain-specific ESDT token to the Safe (3) contract, and the transfer will be performed as described in the previous section.