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Configuring mxpy

This page describes how to configure mxpy (the CLI tool), using the mxpy config command.


mxpy's configuration is stored in the file ~/multiversx-sdk/mxpy.json.

Viewing the current mxpy configuration

In order to view the current configuration, one can issue the command mxpy config dump. Output example:

"proxy": "",
"txVersion": "1",
"dependencies.llvm.tag": "v...",
"dependencies.vmtools.tag": "v...",
"chainID": "...",
"dependencies.rust.tag": ""

Updating the mxpy configuration

One can alter the current configuration using the command mxpy config set. For example, in order to set the proxy URL or the chain ID, one would do the following:

$ mxpy config set chainID 1...
$ mxpy config set proxy

For mainnet use proxy: and chainID: 1.

For devnet use proxy: and chainID: D.

For testnet use proxy: and chainID: T.