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Versions and Changelog


This page offers a high level overview of the important releases of the MultiversX Proxy API, along with recommendations (such as upgrade or transitioning recommendations) for API consumers.


Documentation in this section is preliminary and subject to change.

MultiversX Proxy HTTP API v1.1.0

This is the API launched at the Genesis.

MultiversX Proxy HTTP API v1.1.1

This API version brought new features such as the hyperblock-related endpoints, useful for monitoring the blockchain. Furthermore, the GET transaction endpoint has been adjusted to include extra fields - for example, the so-called hyperblock coordinates (the nonce and the hash of the containing hyperblock).

This API has never been deployed to the central instance of the MultiversX Proxy, available at However, until November 2020, this API has been deployed on-premises to several partners and 3rd party services (such as Exchange systems) - in the shape of Observing Squads, set up via the nodes scripts - mx-chain-scripts.

This version of the API requires Observer Nodes with tag e1.1.0 or greater.

There are no breaking changes between API v1.1.0 and API v1.1.1 - neither in terms of structure and format of the requests / responses, nor in the scheme of the URL. However, in terms of semantics, the following fixes might lead to breaking changes for some API consumers:

  • GET transaction endpoint has been fixed to report the appropriate status invalid for actually invalid transactions (e.g. not enough balance). In v1.1.0, the reported status was imprecise: partially-executed.

As of November 2020, new API consumers are recommended to use a newer version of the API.

v1.1.0 and v1.1.1 will be deprecated once all existing API consumers are known to have been upgraded to a more recent version.

MultiversX Proxy HTTP API v1.1.3

This API version brought additions - new endpoints, such as network/economics or address/shard. Furthermore, the response of vm-values endpoints has been altered. Though, perhaps the most significant change is the renaming of transaction statuses.

This version of the API requires Observer Nodes with tag v1.1.6 or greater.

Between API v1.1.1 and API v1.1.3, the API consumer would observe the following breaking changes:

  • All fields of vm-values endpoints has been renamed (changed casing, among others).
  • The possible set of values for the transaction statuses has been changed: executed has been renamed to success. The statuses received and partially-executed have been merged under the status pending, while the status not-executed has been renamed to fail. For API consumers to not be affected by this change, they should follow the recommendations in Querying the Blockchain.

As of November 2020, new API consumers are recommended to switch to this version (or a more recent one) of the API.

For API consumers that use on-premises Observing Squads, an updated installer will be provided (on this matter, the work is in progress).