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This component of the REST API allows one to query information about the Network, such as network configuration and parameters.

GET Get Network Configuration

This endpoint allows one to query basic details about the configuration of the Network.

🟢 200: OK

Configuration details retrieved successfully.

"data": {
"config": {
"erd_chain_id": "1",
"erd_denomination": 18,
"erd_gas_per_data_byte": 1500,
"erd_latest_tag_software_version": "v1.1.0.0",
"erd_meta_consensus_group_size": 400,
"erd_min_gas_limit": 50000,
"erd_min_gas_price": 1000000000,
"erd_min_transaction_version": 1,
"erd_num_metachain_nodes": 400,
"erd_num_nodes_in_shard": 400,
"erd_num_shards_without_meta": 3,
"erd_round_duration": 6000,
"erd_shard_consensus_group_size": 63,
"erd_start_time": 1596117600
"error": "",
"code": "successful"

GET Get Shard Status

This endpoint allows one to query the status of a given Shard.

Path Parameters

shardIDREQUIREDnumberThe Shard ID. 0, 1, 2 etc. Use 4294967295 in order to query the Metachain.

The path parameter **shardId** is only applicable on the Proxy endpoint. The Observer endpoint does not define this parameter.