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Chain simulator


Chain simulator is a piece of software that provides all the mx-chain-proxy-go endpoints and includes additional endpoints for specific operations.

Instead of setting up a local testnet with a proxy and nodes, using chain simulator is a simpler option. It mimics the behavior of a local testnet, making it easier to test smart contracts in a simulated environment.

The chain simulator offers faster testing since it eliminates the need for consensus, allowing blocks to be generated in milliseconds rather than the typical 6-second intervals on a local testnet.

The chain simulator provides new endpoints that allow developers to replicate the state of a contract from the mainnet to the simulator. This enables testing with the same state as on the mainnet, facilitating more accurate and realistic development scenarios.

Architectural Overview


This simulator is designed to replicate the behavior of a local testnet. Unlike a traditional testnet, this simulator operates without a consensus group, allowing for isolated testing and development.


  • Implements all mx-chain-proxy-go endpoints.
  • Extra endpoints for specific operations.
  • Simulates the behavior of a local testnet without a consensus group.

The GitHub repository for the chain simulator and more information about how to use can be found here.