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Integrators - Overview


If you want to integrate the MultiversX Network in your app, even if we are talking about an exchange, wallet, or a dApp that uses its own infrastructure, please choose a direction from the following table

Table of contents

EGLD integration guideHow to integrate MultiversX's native token EGLD.
ESDT tokens integration guideHow to integrate MultiversX's ESDT tokens.
Observing squadHow to run an infrastructure with a general view over all the shards.
Snapshotless Observing squadHow to set up a light Observing squad with access to real time state only.
Deep-history squadHow to set up an Observing squad able to resolve historical state queries.
Accounts managementHow to create and manage EGLD accounts.
Creating transactionsHow to create and sign transactions.
Querying the blockchainHow to query the MultiversX Blockchain in order to watch desired addresses or events.
WalletConnect JSON-RPC MethodsHow to ensure the proper communication using WalletConnect between a wallet and a dapp.