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In this page you can find more about the MultiversX economics, the EGLD token supply, how fees are collected, how rewards and distributed and so on.

Economics Overview

The MultiversX blockchain economy is designed around eGold (EGLD) - a powerful digital currency positioned for global adoption.

eGold, or EGLD, is the native coin of the network.

  • It is paid by users and developers to transfer value and assets, create and manage tokens, deploy and call smart contracts, and other similar operations

  • It is earned by validators, the set of internet computers that run and secure the network and help it reach consensus

This circular digital economy revolves around EGLD, which has a maximum theoretical supply of 31,415,926 EGLD.

In the bootstrapping phase of the MultiversX blockchain 20,000,000 EGLD coins were initially minted. Additional EGLD are gradually released into circulation over a period of 10 years until the maximum theoretical limit is reached.

The EGLD minting - or “inflation” - is offset by the sum of the transaction fees. As an example, if 100,000 EGLD are to be minted as per the inflation schedule in Year X, but the network-wide sum of the transaction fees for Year X are 75,000 EGLD, only 25,000 new EGLD will enter into circulation.

As a result, the powerful economic attribute of scarcity is designed to scale with adoption.


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