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Code Metadata


Code metadata are flags representing the smart contract's allowed actions after deploy, specifically:

  • upgradeable - if the contract can be upgraded in the future
  • readable - if the contract's storage can be read by other contracts
  • payable - if the contract can receive funds without having any endpoint called (just like user accounts). Note: A contract does NOT have to be payable to receive funds in payable endpoints.
  • payable by smart contracts - just like the payable flag, but can only receive funds from other smart contracts. User transfers will be rejected.

The code metadata must be specified at deploy-time and, if the contract is upgradeable, it must be specified at upgrade-time, as well.


Once a contract is marked as not upgradeable, its code and code metadata become immutable, forever.


When deploying (or upgrading) a smart contract using mxpy, its default code metadata flags are: upgradeable, readable and non-payable. The default values can be overwritten by decorating the command mxpy contract deploy (or mxpy contract upgrade) as follows:

  • --metadata-not-upgradeable - mark the contract as non- upgradeable
  • --metadata-not-readable - mark the contract as non- readable
  • --metadata-payable - mark the contract as payable
  • --metadata-payable-by-sc - mark the contract as payable by smart contracts

For more information, please follow mxpy CLI.

Bit-flag layout

Internally, the metadata is stored as a 2-byte wide bit-flag. For easier visualization, let's define the flags like this:

bitflags! {
struct CodeMetadata: u16 {
const UPGRADEABLE = 0b0000_0001_0000_0000; // LSB of first byte
const READABLE = 0b0000_0100_0000_0000; // 3rd LSB of first byte
const PAYABLE = 0b0000_0000_0000_0010; // 2nd LSB of second byte
const PAYABLE_BY_SC = 0b0000_0000_0000_0100; // 3rd LSB of second byte

Alternatively, if you prefer hex over binary:

const UPGRADEABLE: u16 = 0x01_00;
const READABLE: u16 = 0x04_00;
const PAYABLE: u16 = 0x00_02;
const PAYABLE_BY_SC = 0x00_04;

For example, if we wish to deploy a contract that is payable and upgradeable our metadata would be 0x0102.


We hope these flags will make it a lot easier to create and upgrade smart contracts.

If you want to take a look at some more examples of how Code Metadata is used, take a look here.